The accommodation at The Kings Arms brings a new level of elegance to the Dorset area.

At The Kings Arm, our visitors are spoilt for choice with our ten stylish and individually decorated bedrooms. With marble wet rooms, powerful rain showers and luxury Evesiha products, all of our en-suite bedrooms offer our visitors the chance to relax, unwind and recharge in style. Each room includes an LCD flat screen TV, DVD player, telephone, Wi-Fi and tea making facilities, meaning you can really make yourself at home in our beautiful bedrooms.

If you’re bringing your little ones along, we can provide you with Z beds and cots for an additional charge of £20. See below to find out a little bit more about each of our 10 fabulous rooms.

For families and larger parties, we offer a family room, which is comprised of our Peridot and Ruby rooms linked by an adjoining door. For added ease and convenience, three rooms are easily accessible via a lift, with one having a fully diabled equipped wetroom.  The hotel is wheelchair assessible throughout.

Peridot Bedroom

Our Peridot bedroom is named after the Arabic term for a gem, which is said to protect the wearer from evil and help prevent nightmares. This charming room features an ornate bed and complementing white furniture, as well as an interconnecting door to the twin room next door, making this an ideal option for families.

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Jet Bedroom

With warm yellow pastel tones and black accents, our Jet double bedroom is named after the coal, which takes on a high polish and is traditionally used in jewellery. Typically used as a mourning stone, or in rosary beads, Jet dates as far back as the Jurassic era over 180 million years ago.

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Opal Bedroom

The origin of the name Opal has long been debated, with some deriving it from the Latin “opalus” and the Sanskrit “Upala,” which both mean stone. As the rarest and most expensive version of the gem, opals are said to represent purity, hope and innocence. Our Opal bedroom certainly depicts the utmost luxury, which features your very own dressing table and overlooks the terrace.

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Onyx Bedroom

Black Onyx, named after the Latin claw or fingernail, is said to help regeneration with the growth of skin, nails and hair and is highly valuable. Our Onyx bedroom emulates this with its cosy and comforting décor, as well as charming views of the terrace and garden.

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Topaz Bedroom

Our Topaz bedroom is aptly named after the blue stone, which is thought to have derived from the Sanskrit “tapas”, meaning heat and fire. With a stunning cast iron fireplace and large bay windows which overlook the front of the hotel, you’re guaranteed unparalleled views in our stunning and cosy Topaz bedroom.

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Turquoise Bedroom

Our Turquoise bedroom encapsulates the healing properties that this stone is meant to bring, which is said to aid ailments of the immune, respiratory, waste and skeletal systems. Featuring a stunning blue and gold feature wall, calming blue accents and rustic wooden furniture, this cosy room is the perfect place to relax, rejuvenate and recharge.

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Crystal Bedroom

Our bright and refreshing Crystal bedroom is named after the Greek “krustallos” for ice or rock crystal, which is said to have healing properties in alternative medicine. With white furniture, bright décor and large bay windows which overlook the front of the hotel, this bedroom is a calming retreat for the senses.

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Tungsten Bedroom

Our Tungsten bedroom, which is named after the Swedish Tungsten meaning heavy stone, provides stunning views of the terrace and garden. For your convenience, we can adapt this double bedroom to create a twin bedroom and it is accessible via a lift.

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Amethyst Bedroom

Our Amethyst bedroom, which is named after the stone most commonly associated with loyalty (and for curing drunkenness in ancient times!), overlooks the terrace and is conveniently accessed via a lift. Please be sure to specify if lift access is a requirement.

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Ruby Bedroom

This stunning twin bedroom is named after one of the four precious stones, which is said to bring you happiness in your relationships. This room is an ideal option for families, as it has an interconnecting door to the double bedroom next door.

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